Velvet Voodoo Dolls – Review

Velvet Voodoo Dolls

by Scott Hefflon

This is a follow up to certain allusions made in the last issue concerning demos from Velvet Voodoo Dolls and Lobby Magnets. We left a participle dangling, and now it’s time to tuck that bad boy back in.We previewed V.V.D. on the page prior to the center spread; a nice slot for a band without a demo. The dupe we had was the singer’s personal copy. He dropped his stuff over the top of an old Marilian cassette. At the time, it was the only copy with the female singer on it. Now the novelty and the sacrifice of that tape are passé. Now you can get the tape at any of their shows or, sigh, even in stores. This tape has a trippy cover that mine didn’t, complete with photo and lyrics to boot.

Actually, the mix is crisper than mine, and the beginning and end of each song isn’t cropped. Huh, I like this one better. Gary (who I think actually sleeps in that hat) still has that way-wahed continuous lead style going. His geetar sings along, rather than just playing that standard power chord progression stuff. The new mix actually proves that there is a bassist. I knew his name was Geoff, but now I can hear him, too. Bonus! He’s a solid player for such a quiet dude. The drummer, Broadway? He was a crazy mofo then and he still is now. When I caught V.V.D. live, he ripped and was one of those drummers who adds all those additional fills and drives the rest of the band bonkers. More than a metronome, Vanity (oops, Broadway) is a maniac.

As for the dynamic duo, the wonder twin powers of Joe and Calli, stand. Joe’s for that gritty, honest type of voice that leads you through the songs. You know it’s real ’cause you know he’s been there. Calli’s got that feathery, angelic sound that gives hope. The two opposites mix well and, another sigh, now you can hear it for yourself. A recent motor accident left the singer with a broken arm and, as if to offer equilibrium, a baby was born unto their manager Gene. The pains and the joys of this band create the depth you can hear in their music.