Barkmarket – Gimmick – Review


Gimmick (American)
by Paul Lee

Hey man, radio like WFNX and the so called other “alternative” stations claim to be cutting edge. I say they’re full of pig shit, and until they play a band like Barkmarket, I won’t believe otherwise! WFNX is like a dull butter knife with the risks they take. Barkmarket is the kind of band that would be played by a radio that’s like a serrated broad sword that rips the entrails out of people on the recovering end. Get the picture? Barkmarket are bleedin’ brain-fried in their novel noggins and their music is frighteningly novel. The perpetrators of sanity who are Barkmarket are three cats from Brooklyn who create a music that’s truly wacked. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made their music in the very depths of a fine and cheery asylum. To comprehend my babbling about Barkmarket, you really do have to experience them audibly. At first, they might not be too agreeable in your stomach but, like having a full stomach on an amazing roller coaster, they’re thrilling. This is music that will move you whether it’s onto the floor or into the john.

With mournful wailing amongst the singing, off kilter guitar riffage, head splattering drumming, and schizo lyrics, Barkmarket create cool ‘n queasy tuneage. Just imagine taking Tom Waits, Minor Threat, and Dead Kennedys and running them through the Cusineart (a nice, bloody mess) and you might get an inkling as to what Barkmarket sounds like. This would be great music to listen to when your world starts to turn upside down and you want to go with that crazy vibe. Barkmarket would also be good to creep the bejesus out of any conservative fuckers that you may know.

Some dimwit writer used that good old word “metal” and another “college music” to describe them in lame-o-reviews. Don’t buy what these brainless schmucks are selling. Trust me when I say these pups can’t really be defined in one of our modern and nauseating genres. In spite of making me reel a bit and having some nasty cover artwork (I won’t give it away), I really dug Gimmick. The more I listen to it, the more I think I get the music and it makes me less dizzy. In spite of the insanity that underlies the album, there is a definite genius is in control.

There is one song that is damned ugly and makes me feel like I have a Novocaine needle and dentist drill in my mouth while experiencing it. That’s really my only negative comment but you, the fine reader, may enjoy such an experience, so be not prejudiced. But for the most part, Gimmick is a thrilling audio head trip. So you may need thorazine after listening to it a number of times, at least it’s mad fun!