Ours – Mercy – Review

November 1, 2008

Within seconds, you’re floored by Jimmy Gnecco’s passionate voice, and you wonder why everyone you know hasn’t been talking about how great this CD is.

Slayer – Christ Illusion – Review

October 20, 2006

As iron-willed as God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion brings back the smarter breakdowns, riffs that don’t always revolve around the low E, and different tunings.

Slayer – Still Reigning – Review

June 13, 2005

Experiencing “Piece by Piece,” “Criminally Insane,” and “Epidemic” live made me squeal like a Trekkie nerd, but something was missing. Youth. Vigor.

System Of A Down – Toxicity – Review

April 12, 2002

Top of the nü metal shitheap. They scream, bellow, and nyah-nyah in falsetto, but throw eight parts into a song, and that’s seven more than the bottomfeeders.

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