The Figgs – Low-Fi at Society High – Review

The Figgs

Low-Fi at Society High (Imago)
by Paul Lee

Just let yourself go and enjoy some fun stuff. Don’t take life too serious and pop in The FiggsLow-Fi at Society High. This was music meant to take yer troubles away without battering your mind or body. Sure you’ve heard some of this kind of stuff before, so what?! The Figgs are having a party with their poppy-punky tunefulness and do it without being pretentious.

From the same label that brought us the ultra-intense Rollins, Imago brings us The Figgs. These guys seem to have grown up on stuff like Elvis Costello and The Clash. It’s hard to believe that they come from upstate New York and not from the land of depressed skies and goofy royalty (yeah, the U.K.). The Figgs are down-to-the-planet fun fellas that are easy to swallow. They have progressive vocal action and a basic guitar sound with limited solos (thank God).

The Figgs are quirky and literate and I would even go so far as to say clever. The Figgs aren’t out to rewrite nothin’, but if you like that late seventies/early eighties guitar pop/punk than these are the guys for you. Not too hard and not too flaccid either. Low-Fi at Society High is coolo-mundo.