Kiss My Ass – Classic Kiss Regrooved – Review

Kiss My Ass

Classic Kiss Regrooved (Mercury)
by Joe Hacking

There’s no denying the monumental impact that KISS had on guitar-oriented rock, but this compilation does little in the way of tribute to this genre-defining band. With the exception of it’s few highlights, namely Toad The Wet Sprocket‘s acoustic version of “Rock and Roll All Night,” (appropriately) Anthrax‘s “She,” Extreme‘s “Strutter,” where Cherone sounds very much like Paul Stanley, and Yoshiki‘s bizare classical instrumental of “Black Diamond,” this collection will leave the KISS fan feeling cheated, and possibly angry. Interpretive or not, I for one don’t want to hear Garth Brooks blaspheming “Hard Luck Woman” or Lenny Kravitz‘ Beatle-izing “Deuce.” Real KISS Army graphics don’t save Gene Simmon’s blatantly capitalistic release here. Pass on this one.