The Ex-Idols – Social Kill – Review

The Ex-Idols

Social Kill (Relativity)
by Paul Lee

With all the brashness of good ol’ fashioned punk and the quality of ’90s recording, The Ex-Idols tear out of the LA scene with Social Kill (Relativity). Am I crazy, or is there a new punk revolution screaming around here? The Ex-Idols are definitely a part of it, though they do some serious nodding to such greats as The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and others of the original ’70s punk explosion. Basic, angry and often upbeat, The Ex-Idols fly their flag of punk and rock ‘n roll without the fat and bullshit of corporate rock.

They have the three-chord obnoxiousness, originality and punk-soul needed to go up against the new big guns like Green Day and The Offspring. Social Kill could accompany any high-speed death-defying road trip or hobby like bungee-jumping or parachuteless skydiving. Even amongst their razor wires, The Ex-Idols have a crafty melodic sense, at times reminiscent of Elvis Costello or X.

In a dark world where musical icons are knocking themselves off, Social Kill provides high-powered anarchistic fun! No, The Ex-Idols aren’t blazing through any risky territory; they cover already-explored ground, but they inject enough energy and originality into their music to keep it exciting and piss off all the brain dead, new-age loving goons. What it comes down to is that The Ex-Idols know how to entertain and tap into that crazed and pent-up energy that infects so many of us, and do it with finesse.