Tad – Live Alien Broadcast – Review


Live Alien Broadcast (Futurist)
by Andrew Berenson

Tad fuckin’ rock. I mean, how can you dislike a band whose leader (Tad Doyle) is bigger than Mt. Everest and who sings as if he has choked on a horse? This CD, Live Alien Broadcast (Futurist), gives us ten grooving tunes such as “Paragonic,” that burst with raw power and crunching intensity. It’s no wonder that these Seattle misfits outrocked both Soundgarden and Eleven at their show this summer. It makes me mad to see so much press going to the crap “grunge” bands in Seattle when a band like Tad is getting little or no exposure. It’s nice to see the small but busy label, Futurist, giving them a well overdue push.

Catch Tad when they come around. This is one band that besides being heard, MUST BE SEEN! Make sure to pick up this album, for as Tad Doyle himself says, “It’s Behemoth, Mutherfucker!”