Extreme Noise Terror – Retrobution – Review

Extreme Noise Terror

Retrobution (Earache)
by Joshua Brown

A band who live up to their name. With titles like “Human Error,” “Bullshit Propaganda,” and “Raping the Earth,” you know what you’re getting, and Extreme Noise Terror deliver. Retrobution (Earache) is brutal grindcore done with an early Discharge motif. E.N.T. shirk the early Napalm Death/Cryptic Slaughter approach to political grind which uses hyperspeed drumming to create a barrage of noise, opting instead for the Motörhead-inspired double-bass kick locomotive sound. The vocalist sounds like a senior resident of hell on a particularly bad day. The music takes you on a guided tour of Hell on Earth, from the ravaged and burning rainforests, to hunger-torn, disease-ridden villages in the Third World, to the vacuous life in “First World.”

Fans of mainstream or progressive metal probably won’t appreciate this because Extreme Noise Terror are purveyors of pure punk, the sound of a thousand spiked leather jackets.