Lunachicks – Jerk of All Trades – Review


Jerk of All Trades (Go Kart)
by Scott Hefflon

The full throttle girls of junk rock are back! The closest thing I’ve found to Sloppy Seconds, a personal fave of mine. The Lunachicks are a hella lot sexier than Sloppy Seconds, but so is just about everyone, so that means little. The bad-ass babes of thrashiness have returned with Jerk of All Trades (Go Kart) and are gonna stick a finger up your ass or beat it badly, whichever you’ll enjoy the least. I don’t remember them being this pissed, but I haven’t seen ’em in a year. The new album is balls-out punk rock snarl and sneer in all its glory. The Lunachicks leave no sacred cow unbutchered. From Barbie to butt plugs, ring + run to “appreciation” of cats and dogs, “Fallopian Rhapsody” to all sorts of fingering fetishes, the chicks do it all.

The bonus burp track is the only gas you’ll find on this release. The rest is punk anthem after roadburning punk anthem. “Bitterness Barbie” and “Jerk of all Trades” are my pet picks for the “I-am-woman-hear-me-squeal-with-laughter-as-I-bust-your-balls” award. Without stooping to accepting the award, they are the epitome (in image, at least) of post-materialist womanism: Sexy, thrashy, tough as shit, ruthlessly opinionated, and more fun than a barrel of grease monkeys. They’re as wild as your kid sister on ecstasy, so catch them live when they come hard this summer. They’re punker than you’ll ever be, and don’t you forget it.