Medicine – Her Highness – Review


Her Highness (American)
by Joshua Brown

The music of Medicine defines the word “ethereal.” There is nothing solid for the listener to sink his or her teeth into, only intricate, ghostlike fibers of noise that always remain just out of reach. Perhaps it’s this quality that makes them so attractive. The female vocals are a pleasant, well-trained soprano, and the male makes a strong showing as well to complete the yin-yang energy. Though they’ve been playing in the majors now for a while, they’ve yet to produce the hit single or two that could get them the recognition they’re capable of garnering. I don’t know if that’s what’s in store for them, nor do I think that creating hit singles is the point. Making good music should be enough. If you’re like me and have heard about Medicine numerous times but can’t quite place them or remember a song that they did, think back to when you last saw the movie, The Crow. They’re the band that played in the villain’s nite club that made you think “Hey, who’s that band?”