Sepultura – Third World Chaos – Review


Third World Chaos (Roadrunner)
by Paul Lee

Many monster heavy ‘n’ harsh bands crank out videos trying to match the intensity of their songs. Few succeed. The Brazilian behemoths known as Sepultura are an exception. Their videos reflect the brutality and politicism of their songs. They give us a view of Third World Chaos (Roadrunner), a compilation of sick vids, live tunes and really odd tour footage.

Coming from a politically screwed-up third world country has given Sepultura a deadly edge over the competition, as is obvious in a video like “Refuse/Resist.” “Territory” won an award for best South American video. Intense is too weak a word for this vid. The other videos, “Slave New World,” “Arise,” and “Dead Embryonic Cells” are also bleak and brutal glimpses into Sepultura’s songs. Add live footage of “Policia,” a Motörhead cover “Orgasmatron,” and the big bad drums of “Kaiowas,” and you have a killer collection. Third World Chaos is more than a necessity for Sepultura addicts and those who want to see the vid side to the Brazilian ear crushers. Pantera have a cool home video collection, but their studio videos can’t even be compared to those of Sepultura.