MxPx – Teenage Politics – Review


Teenage Politics (Tooth & Nail)
by Scott Hefflon

Oh honey, look at the punks! Aren’t they cute? In an age of punker-than-thou, MxPx (Magnified Plaid) is a breath of fresh air. They write hyperenergetic tunes filled with broken-hearts, questions, strivings for change and punk rock shows. Just as sensitive as Milo, perhaps more so, you want to pat them on the head or give them a hug and tell them everything’s going to be all right. So buck up, little punk rock campers.

All patronizing aside, sometimes I want to kick the singer’s ass for being such a wuss, but I usually (privately) appreciate his heartfelt concerns. A band this caffeinated, this melodic, and with this much passion is bound to do well. MxPx, they’re winning the hearts of emotional young boys and girls from coast to coast.