The Young Idea – Review

The Young Idea

Written and directed by Supercult
by Scott Hefflon

The long wait is over, the first indieporn DVD is now available. Leave it to Chase of Supercult to videotape his photo shoots with models, then interview them, then set the whole thing to cool, hip music, and even toss in a short movie. The silent movie, “House on Mission Hill,” is great. It’s the story of a Harvard student lost in Mission Hill on a dark and stormy night. A bespectacled Izzy stumbles upon the Supercult Mansion, which rumor has it is haunted (not to mention usually dirty and cold, and there’s never any clean glasses or ashtrays that aren’t overflowing, but I digress). In classic, streaky black & white (with short caption screens following a lot of mouth-flapping), a tarted-up Chase puffs on a pipe and welcomes Izzy, making crazy eyes like a hammy old horror actor. Izzy gets the usually-sealed-off attic room to study in, and after a while, she falls into fitful slumber. And that’s when the ghosts visit her. Naked. Masturbating. Yeah, it’s fuckin’ hot. (Jerking off to church organ music is a little unsettling, but you get used to it.) Haley and friends are the restless spirits of girls Evil Chase has killed and trapped in the attic in a perpetual state of masturbation, and they lead the now-liberated Izzy to a knife and the bathroom, where Dirty Chase is finally taking a shower. There’s a surprise ending, and I won’t ruin it for you. Let’s just say I laughed, I cried, I came, I spilled my drink. Not exactly the feel-good movie of the summer, but it beats beating it to mainstream porn.

Much of this two-and-a-half-hour DVD is video of the photo shoots interspersed with panning over shots we’ve all studied on the website (don’t let Chase’s casual typos and hard-drinking past fool you, he’s a warm, stylized photographer, beloved by his models, with a real eye for cuties as well as clothing and settings… No amateur hack here, so consider the DVD bar set pretty high from the outset), and the rest of the DVD is “interviews” with models – often naked – and filmed conversational stuff. Some is funny, some is cute, most of it’s dull as shit. Sure, it adds depth to the models and tells the story of some of the themed shoots and all that shit, but, like filming hanging out with your friends, there are a few funny moments and a lot of drivel… But yeah, there are funny moments, it’s just hard to “stay focused” during long stretches of lounging about.

My copy of The Young Idea is Chase’s test-pressing (split over two DVDs, the actual is only one) and the extras can’t be accessed, but judging from the goofy, naked fun on the portion of The Young Idea I saw and knowing Chase’s style (you can’t go to and not get a sense of “Cult Life” lifestyle), it’s bound to be a good time. Fun, sexy, and filmed in true underground style, The Young Life is far from Girls Gone Wild drunk jock “show us your tits!” bullshit, it’s the first DVD by the new breed of altporn: From the underground, for the underground, having a good, naked time without anyone being exploited or degraded.