Industrial Strength: The Lost Tracks – Review

Industrial Strength Anthology 1

The Lost Tracks (Industrial Strength/TMC)
by Scott Hefflon

Over an hour’s-worth of hard electronic music, The Lost Tracks begins with a trance vibe and ends with chainsaws and blenders. The Mover creeps through “Frontal Sickness” like an icy breeze along your spine; Turbulence‘s “Whurlstorm” leaps between soothing ABBA-esque disco and chaotic keyboard lines and tampering with the pitch control; Glitch returns to the frosty zone-out; and then DX-13 tears in with one of their three tracks. Beginning with the disconcerting “Decimate Intensity,” followed by the throbbing and distorted everything of “Pyroteknic,” DX-13 sets the pace for the next few songs: Hardcore. Laura Grass, Machines, Spy, and Disintegrator play along, but the playground belongs to DX-13. Especially during the thought-provoking “Mother F**ker” with its insistent repetition of “Motherfuckin’ New York.” Deep they are not, but Freud never had breakbeats like this.
(106 West 32nd St. 3rd Fl. NY, NY 10001)