Ugly Kid Joe – with Souls at Zero at The Strand – Review

Ugly Kid Joe

with Souls at Zero at The Strand
by Kendra Loring

Who said hard rock is dead? Seems it’s gone underground. The once “alternative” college radio rock has become mainstream and commercial/hard rock has become “alternative.”

Souls At Zero and Ugly Kid Joe are two hard rock bands trying to change with the times while still maintaining some musical integrity.

SAZ, once Wrathchild America, play good, rockin’ music. Hell, I’d go so far as to say that they play great music, but actually seeing them live is another story. There’s just not a whole lot happenin’ on stage. I presume that when they were a hair band, they used to have that wild-hair-whipping thing going on. Since it’s the ’90s and that phase of their lives is over, so is their interesting live show. Fortunately, SAZ’s rather impressive and equally talented guitarists were enough to hold our attention and show us a lick or two. The person who deserved a star for the night was their soundman, who evidently has a very skilled ear.

UKJ remind me of the Nasty Boys from the WWF – vulgar, rude, crass, and full of mischief. It’s too bad they also have those squeaky clean good looks, which totally ruin a great image. They’re a fun band with a few good songs like, “Everything About You.” The highlight of the evening was hearing their catchy new tune, “Jesus Rode A Harley.” Live, it rocks! But, on the whole, you’re not going to miss anything if you go to the restroom. For a while.