Dog Fly Religion – at the Middle East Cafe – Review

Dog Fly Religion

at the Middle East Cafe
by Scott Hefflon

For those who loved the “Art/Goof” rock of King Missile, poet/spoken word wacko John S. Hall is back with his original chum Dogbowl and his band. John, for many of us, took over as lyrical humorist supreme. Truthfully, John not only chooses words so “inanely” that it’s the funniest thing known to God, but he also tells stories that have even the most manly of men fighting back tears. Manly men usually avoid said scenario by not attending poetry readings/slams. Pity.

While I missed most of the show, the chemistry of John and the man they call Dogbowl is truly magical. Dogbowl’s subtle guitar strumming, rich and mellow voice, and, um, unique stage presence, complement John’s thin, nasally voice. Both are masters of timing and presentation and, while low-key, the band backs them up admirably. Watch for releases and live shows under either name.