Y2k – Show of the Century – Column

Y2k – Show of the Century

by Jon Sarre
collage by Scott Hefflon

I will not be submitting a “Top 10 List,” although the top concert of the millennium would be Altamont – Stones, Ike Turner, Hell’s Angels with pool cues, some guy in a lime green sharkskin suit was stabbed to death, the Grateful Dead were scheduled to play, but turned tail back to ‘Frisco when Garcia scoped out the action, there was some fat naked chick who looked like Roseanne Barr in the front, and I believe that was who Keith Richards was referring to when he told a reporter “off the record” re the show: “They [the peace creeps] deserved it, all those nude, fat people, they had victims’ faces,” Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane was knocked out cold by the Angels, only thing that coulda made it better would’ve been if the Stooges and MC5 had been booked instead of the Airplane and Santana…

And while we’re at it; Best Rockstar Death: Keith Relf of the Yardbirds, electrocuted himself whilst playing electric guitar in bathtub.