Chaos UK – Floggin’ the Corpse – Review

Chaos UK

Floggin’ the Corpse (Cleopatra)
by Joshua Brown

Boys and girls, it just doesn’t get any punker than this. They froth at the mouth with anarchistic sincerity. Chaos UK were among the inventors of crust (before the term “crust,” or even “hardcore,” had been coined), along with Discharge (for people who are relatively familiar with old, old school punk, Chaos UK’s sound falls between early Discharge and Subhumans). This Cleopatra release is a marginally listenable live recording from ’83, plus four previously unreleased studio tracks and outtakes from the UK/DK soundtrack. The moods range from 1-2-3-4-bring-me-the-head-of-Margaret-Thatcher to bleearrghh!