This Is Boston, Not LA – Review

This Is Boston, Not L.A.

(Wicked Disc)
by Joshua Brown

“Your riffs are mean and professionally clean/So tight-assed controlled are your five minute solos but you got NO BALLS NO BALLS NO BALLS!” In the beginning of the ’80s, at a time when there were no hardcore releases in Boston, Radiobeat gave studio time to a bunch of teenage miscreants who may have played a few shows around town, but had never recorded their stuff onto vinyl. Modern Method Records released this comp featuring Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids, The F.U.’s, The Freeze, The Proletariat, Decadence, and the Groinoids. Wicked Disc has reissued it onto CD. Even though these bands would go on to release some landmark material separately, before proceeding to fade or suck, no one has before or since released a record of such concentrated explosive punk energy. This reissue also includes the songs from Unsafe at Any Speed, the companion 7″ to This is Boston, Not L.A..