Unashamed – Reflection – Review


Reflection (Tooth & Nail)
by Tim Creter

So far, we’ve got straight-edge, vegan, Krishna, and sometimes all three. Now we have Christian hardcore. I only bring this up because it’s hard for me to like any band that label themselves so strongly. And a lot of these hardcore divisions like to say it loud and proud. Unashamed delivers their punch with the positive, aggressive sound in the Strife vain. The songs stand out in their diversity and their power. Unashamed is definitely not ashamed of their beliefs, as every song’s lyrical content has something to do with God. But, hey, if you’re able to just hear the music, that’s great. This band is a powerhouse and most likely kick ass live. It’s just hard for me to look past the advertisement of viewpoints when it’s right in your face.