Acid King – Acid King/Zoroaster split – Review

Acid King

Split with Zoroaster (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
by Joshua Brown

You look above your hands, which are ten tiny wriggling worms extending from your arms gripping the steering wheel (a black snake swallowing its own tail) of your trusty Thunderchicken, to see a road which pulses with arterial blood as it transmits your cellular car from the slowly-beating heart of the suburban mecca’s center to the ‘burb’s outer reaches. The carnivorous robot eight-track player beneath the multi-eyed dashboard greedily dines on the fuzz-guitar TV dinner. The low-end drone is its Salisbury steak, the L7-ish female vocals are the mashed potatoes with yummy gravy, and the ’70s acid rock nostalgia kick is its peas and carrots. The trees on the side of the artery sway along to the stoned beat, and then catch on fire as the music intensifies. The flames speak to you and let you know that if you take one more tab you may get to meet the Frog Prince.