L.U.N.G.S. – A Better Class of Losers – Review


A Better Class of Losers (Pavement)
by J. Lianna Ness

A Better Class of Losers, from Florida’s L.U.N.G.S., is a multi-cultural debut which combines all the best elements of hardcore, punk, metal, rap, and hip hop, and spits them out with raging venom. With dual lead vocals by Big B. and Crime, this band hits harder than Mike Tyson. Even keyboards sound right at home amid the loud guitars and pounding percussion of a song like “Pull It Off.” A sample of an angry guy calmly uttering the words “I’m having a really bad day!” starts out the tune “13,” a song about bad luck that features some very cool-sounding horrorcore vocals in the background. “Rovated” is a song about being “agg-rovated” [sic] with bands that sing sappy love songs and “become rich from being soft,” then lapses into a chorus about the joys of being pissed off. Right on! Screw that fuckin’ crap about being nice, whatever happened to good old-fashioned anger? Sometimes people really do just need a release… and L.U.N.G.S is just the band to give it to them. “Kick The Can” is about earning respect, and fighting first with your mind, and if that doesn’t work, with your fists (but not with guns). Big B. explains that, “all these little punk gangsters think they’re hard and quick to pick up a gun, [but] a gun don’t make you a man.” Listening to this release, it’s clear that L.U.N.G.S. ain’t fooling around, as they so eloquently shout in the chorus of the song “Around”: “I don’t fuck around when I fuck around, kid!” Somehow, I’m inclined to believe them. A Better Class of Losers is an amazing CD from a band who brings danger back to music. Complacency kills, kiddies. Let the buyer beware. Look the fuck out!