Virgo Snakes – Review

Virgo Snakes

(Spit and a Half)
by Nik Rainey

This Chicago guitar/drums duo operates around a little-stated truth: Make a practice of plucking your exposed nerves long enough and you’ll discover that it’s become kinda fun. That’s what keeps this viscera-juggling distorto booze-blooze from drowning in self-piteous goo goo muck. When Bob and Bob scream about being “Sad” over a rank six-string squawk, I believe ’em, but can’t help smiling anyway. These lonesome dweebs were run off the stage at last year’s Chi-town Lollapalooza for being “too depressing,” but fuck those trendies – I’ll take a hit of this gut-shot little-guy angst over corporate-subsidized Main Stage bloodletting any day. So should you.