Pan-Thy-Monium – Ill Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-ion – Review


Ill Khaooohs and Kon-Fus-ion (Relapse)
by Paul Lee

Considering the sheep mentality many bands have within any musical genre, it’s always uplifting when one group dares to throw commercial acceptance aside for the pure benefit of creating genuine extremity. Lately, the most excellent underground pastures can be found in Europe; Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden have been producing some quality, thought-provoking heaviness. Herein lies another chapter with Sweden’s Pan-Thy-Monium. Those into the strange side projects of death/grind acts will definitely go bonkers over this band.

Bassist/keyboardist Dan Swano and drummer Benny Larsson (of Edge of Sanity fame), are two of the five members. Expect the unexpected, as blast beats overlap swinging sax while walls of noise merge into pan flute parts – all throwing your head for motion overload. Pan-Thy-Monium pushes musical boundaries aside and creates incredible madness. Four songs and over 40 minutes that will raise an eyebrow or two. “The Battle of Geeheb” recalls Terrorizer, Enya, and U2, all within the course of one song, while “Thee-Pherenth” travels the way of classical, doom and Voivod. Alas, III… marks the end of this innovative project, but what an appropriate finale. IIf your ears stray a distance from common forms of music, this band will send fireworks shooting from your stereo.