Infinite Zero Sampler – #4 – Review

Infinite Zero

Sampler #4 (American)
by Nik Rainey

Another testament to the catholic tastes of Endless Zilch majordomos Rick “Grizzly” Rubin and Henry “the Human Etch-A-Sketch” Rollins, ladling out generous helpings of their latest re-ishes for a smorgasbord of hip eclecticism. English politipunk legends Gang of Four and NYC skronk lord James White demonstrate two radically different approaches to bringing the cretin hop to the disco floor. Alan Vega rubs shoulders with Alan Watts (Omicide? Hmmm…). Devo sez “Peek-A-Boo” again (the spuds have eyes, y’know). Ghetto storyteller Iceberg Slim chills beside Matthew Shipp‘s circular free-jazz temple. Tom Verlaine is, well, Tom Verlaine; his larynx-gnarling poetics still dovetail with his exploratory guitar just as well as they did in ‘79. And Flipper gets the room next to Mississippi Fred McDowell in the Boundless Nada Inn. Record labels make for strange bedfellows. My advice: Tape this for a friend and pretend you made all the selections yourself.