Foxfire Soundtrack – Review


Soundtrack (Nettwerk)
by Sheril Stanford

Like most compilation discs, the Foxfire soundtrack has some gems and some duds, some shining stars and some cosmic debris. Some cuts slated for the black hole are Candlebox‘s “You,” featuring an unimaginative melody, inane lyrics, and a rhythm that tries desperately to hit a groove but instead sinks deep into monotony. Hard on its heels comes Rose Chronicles with “Dwelling.” The vocals on this cut sound irritatingly strained and the tune is a slick overproduced piece of work that has a future only as elevator music in a really low-rent office building. Let’s move on to “Shirley,” an offering by one of the best bands on the planet, perhaps in the universe, L7. The tune is a story of race car driver Shirley Muldowney. Fuzzy guitars imitate the drag cars Cha-Cha Muldowney drives, and no one can sneer “How many times must you be told/ there’s nowhere that we don’t go” like these chicks can. Perhaps the best tune on Foxfire is Lollipop’s new anthem, “Let’s Get Fucked Up,” by the Cramps. Ole’ Lux has got echo on his mic and he’s taking us “where no one else has been/ gonna need a shrink to get back again.” Kristen Hersh provokes a haunting, melancholic mood with the violin flecked “Me and My Charms,” and UK band Papa Brittle makes a snappy contribution with “Stress Killer on the Loose,” an animated combination of punk metal aggression and techno edginess.

Foxfire (the movie) tells the story of charismatic and rebellious Legs Sandovsky (played by Angelina Jolie of Hackers) and her impact on the suburban lives of four high school girls. The movie is based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel of the same name. So, “tomorrow we’ll feel like we’ve been hit by a truck/ but let’s get fuuuucked uuuup…”