End-of-year List – Column

End-of-year List

by Chris Adams

“Top ten?” I scoffed. Top ten? Let me assure you, I would be more likely to pull the moon from the sky, discover that it is, in fact, composed of fine aged brie, and daub a piece of it on every Wheat Thin in the western world than I would be to think of ten records that came out this year that meant anything much to me. Therefore, my good man, I shall make a list of 25 records spanning the history of rock music that, without which, I would shortly be found naked, curled into a fetal position under a wilting bridge south of Shanghai, murmuring the mantra “…I can’t believe it’s not butter… spray.” The purpose of this list will be threefold:

  • 1.) It will remind me why I put up with the dungheap garbage-loads of crappy records I wade through every month;
  • 2.) It’ll give the guys at Lollipop an idea of what I like, so they don’t set aside any more Men Without Hats compilations for me to review thinking, “Yeah… Adams might dig this.”
  • 3. ) Lollipop readers will have a gauge of what I think is great rock and roll, so they can decide whether or not my taste tallies off with theirs, possibly sparing themselves the subsequent agony of cringing through my monthly pre-adolescent spleen-vents.

So, in no particular order, and entirely subject to change every 7 and 1/2 minutes:

  • Marquee MoonTelevision
  • Boxed SetPhil Spector with various artists
  • We Oppose All Rock and RollThe Subway Sect
  • Highway 61 RevisitedBob Dylan
  • SuicideSuicide
  • Nuggets – Original Artifacts from The Psychedelic Sixties-various artists
  • RevolverThe Beatles
  • Peel Sessions album – The Only Ones
  • Fun HouseIggy and the Stooges
  • New Skin for the Old Ceremony/Songs of Love and Hate double CD – Leonard Cohen
  • Entertainment!Gang of Four
  • Exile on Main Street The Rolling Stones
  • MurmurREM
  • Gravest Hits/Psychedelic Jungle double CDThe Cramps
  • PorcupineEcho and the Bunnymen
  • Forever ChangesLove
  • Psychocandy The Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Scott 4Scott Walker
  • The DoorsThe Doors
  • The BendsRadiohead
  • 1969 LiveThe Velvet Underground
  • Laser Guided MelodiesSpiritualized
  • Unplugged in New YorkNirvana
  • Fire of LoveThe Gun Club
  • 50 Worldwide Golden HitsElvis