Evil’s Toy – Morbid Mind – Review

Evils Toy

Morbid Mind (Metropolis)
by Chris Best

I was all set to hate this. I really wanted to. I can’t. This is some great stuff. I’m sure some people might be put off by how retro it is, but for me, that’s where its charm lies. The sound is akin to mid-late ’80s Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. It’s got dark, heavy rhythms and pin-prick synth melodies that are both foreboding and catchy, they mix in just the right amount of samples, and to top it all off, the vocals sound like Ogre. Let me tell you, if I were the guys in Skinny Puppy, I would have saved myself some time, not recorded The Process, had these guys write and record the album for me, and release it as a long-lost Skinny Puppy album that never saw the light of day. The kids would have lapped it up. My one beef is that there are way too many remixes on this. There is the regular “Dear God” that opens up the album and the remixes that are tracks 4 & 10. Then there’s “Sacrifice,” which has one remix. Still, this was a great surprise. I’m off to find their first album.