The Lemonheads – It’s All True EP – Review

The Lemonheads

It’s All True CD-5 (Atlantic)
by Dana Buoniconti

I’ve never much cared for Evan Dando’s faux slacker romanticism, but I do give him credit for his choice of cover songs. On this CD-5, Dando warbles versions of Metallica’s “Fade To Black,” Oasis’s “Live Forever,” and REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You.” “Live Forever” is superfluous since it’s a cover song to begin with. Closer to the success the Lemonheads had with “Luka” and “Mrs. Robinson” is the stand-out “Keep On Loving You.” And while Dando’s no Kevin Cronin, he does infuse the classic power ballad with a certain charm.