Sheep On Drugs – One For the Money – Review

Sheep On Drugs

One For the Money (Invisible)
by Scott Hefflon

With the rash of electronic music spreading, it’s nice to see somethings remain uncorrupted. Perhaps it just stays true to its original corruption, neither getting harder for commercial accessibility, nor more arty so ya can impress folks with how trancey yer songs are. Sheep On Drugs are honest middle-ground, neither post-speedcore nostalgia nor post-New Age non-think. One for the Money is surprisingly lucid, like a smirking My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult song mixed with “Boy, aren’t we the shit-talking smoothies?” Pet Shop Boys with fingers up their noses, and just enough breakbeats and Motörhead guitar samples to remind you that this ain’t Disneyland, kids. Sheep on Drugs bastardize every genre, steal clips from anywhere and everywhere, and yet still write songs. “X-Lover,” and “Waiting for the Man” are my favorites, kinda like Pop Will Eat Itself when they were irreverent and still wrote catchy tunes.