Ozzfest Live – Review

Ozzfest Live

(Ozz/Red Ant)
by Scott Hefflon

Fledgling labels both, Ozz Records and Red Aunt step out of the starting gate with muscles toned and ready for the long haul. Splitting Ozz-Fest Live in half between legendary heavy bands on major labels and up-and-coming extreme bands (at least to those who don’t eat, live, and breathe this stuff), this release has a bit o’ something for everyone. Even if you’ve got the latest record by each of these innovative bands, this live recording is worth the bucks. There ain’t a bad track on Ozz-Fest Live, and while some of the bands show just how stupid they are while introducing their songs, the music is top-notch and well-produced. Monstrous, yet not inhumanly glossy, the sound is like the best-sounding show you’re ever seen. I just wish it were longer. Track listing: Coal Chamber “Loco” (Roadrunner), Cellophane “Ride Thy Neighbor” (Virgin), Earth Crisis “Broken Foundation” (Victory), Powerman 5000 “Organizized” (Dreamworks), Neurosis “Locust Star” (Relapse), Fear Factory “Replica” (Roadrunner), Biohazard “These Eyes” (Warner Bros.), Sepultura “Attitude” (Roadrunner), Slayer “Angel of Death” (American), Ozzy Osbourne “Perry Mason” (Epic).