By the Grace of God – Perspective – Review

By the Grace of God

Perspective (Victory)
by Tim Creter

The words “punk” and “hardcore” mean different things to different people. For some they describe unsightly characters they wouldn’t want to meet on the street. But for many, they are words that make up an ideology and a lifestyle. Punk and hardcore are often mistaken and misused as different styles of music, but the truth of the matter is that they both go hand in hand. They both have the ultimate goals of defiance toward what society and industry consider normal, and finding personal happiness in being true to oneself. These extremely important ideals are put to pen and instrument and channeled through bands to people. Bands can only hope that their audience will be moved not only by their music but by their message. A combination of these two elements, music and a message, has the potential of a cultural earthquake. Bands and musicans will always try, but you, the listener, has to take notice and then hopefully take action. From the punk hotbed of Louisville, Kentucky comes By the Grace of God. This is a band that grabs the ideals of hardcore and punk and mashes them together so everyone can see their similarities. This is done in their music, their lyrics, and in their CD layout. This album is worth buying for the inclusion of Ron Whitehead’s poem “I will not bow down” alone. By the Grace of God, as a band, defines the spirit of punk/hardcore. They preach resistance to corporate, political and American propaganda. The intelligence and effort is there in a CD case, waiting for you to take action and hopefully be influenced.
(346 North Justine St. #504 Chicago, IL 60607)