The Duran Duran Tribute Album – Review

The Duran Duran Tribute Album

by Rowan-Morrison

As I was sifting through the stack of thematic albums on my desk, I happened to find an homage to Duran Duran buried underneath tributes to Men Without Hats, Stryper, and Gerardo. Okay, maybe those last three don’t exist, but are they really a stretch of the imagination given the abundance of concept discs hitting the market? Recently, I reviewed Take Warning, an album that celebrated the songs of Operation Ivy as performed by primarily ska-based bands. Now I find myself critiquing another skank-inducing offering, but to the diametrically opposed outfit known as Duran Duran.

Although it’s easy to mock this cover song trend, Goldfinger staves off the criticism by constructing an indelible cut. Near the end of their rendition of “Rio,” the song switches from ska to ’80s pop metal in the form of Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark,” both in rhythm and vocal melodies, yet keeps the lyrics to “Rio” intact. I rarely state that one song makes an album worthy, but this cut comes close. Reel Big Fish play around with “Hungry Like The Wolf” by transforming it into an upbeat lounge-revival rendition, complete with scatting, while Less Than Jake decided to work the mosh pit with a horn-filled punk perspective of “The Reflex.” Some of the other notable bands featured are Bjorn Again, Mr. T. Experience, and the Deftones. Although The Wesley Willis Fiasco‘s take on “Girls on Film” is more an endurance in pain than pleasure, if you like ska and you can appreciate Duran Duran, then this disc is highly recommended.