Hackers 2 Soundtrack – Review

Hackers 2

by Malcolm E

I’m not sure if this is what hackers listen to, but I know that it’s what hack techno posers who spend more money on their clothes than their computers listen to. But enough about the movie – Hackers 2 features some of the more popular electronica groups: Prodigy, Orb, BT, Moby, Underworld, etc. but there’s a catch. None of the tracks are the best they can do. For example, the Prodigy track is “Firestarter,” but it’s remixed by Emperion, and all the assaulting manic drum tracks have been taken out, as well as the vocals, and in their place is… repetitive soundtrack-ish crap. The same thing happens to David Bowie‘s “Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix).” The whole aspect of its innovation is completely removed. There’s a metal riff rip-off happening with Scooter‘s “Fire,” little more than a chant and a yell over some chugging guitar. You get the idea. The BT track (“Remember”) isn’t bad, but we’re now experiencing a marketing glut. So soon, so soon. I dread the day when we get as much crap electronica as we do crap rock. (Have you been to the office much recently, Malc? – Ed.)

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