Niden Div. 187 – Impergium – Review

Niden Div. 187

Impergium (Necropolis)
by Scott Hefflon

Thank, um, someone, Necropolis translated the scrawl on the cover, or I’d have no clue what this band was called. Impergium is just over 25 minutes of pure, blinding hate. So fast it blurs into white noise (and the mid-range is the only range production doesn’t help), Niden Div. 187 have the guitar chords of the blackest of the black, and the screaming vocals are so nihilistic that, even though you can’t decipher a damn word (or even what language it’s in), you know the fucker is pissed, evil, and about to explode. There are moments of beautiful black metal, that regal, darkly majestic guitarwork that lifts your soul to the skies, swooping free as a bird, but the hyperspeed picking soon kicks back in like a migraine. Black metal purists sickened by the “pretty” sound of much of today’s black metal will be “happy” to note that there are still bands making death ugly, disfigured, and painful.