Precipice Recordings – Review

Precipice Recordings

Vol. 1 (Precipice)
by Rowan-Morrison

When Patrick Ogle gave up his long-running publicist stint at the 4AD-influenced Projekt Records, it was rumored that he had started selling off his organs to cover the rent. As it turned out, the rumor I started was untrue, with Pat’s new Precipice label as testimony. In order to launch his music venture effectively, he gathered up a batch of quality ethereal bands he most likely encountered during his Projekt days (Love Spirals Downward, however, is the only Projekt band featured here). The opening song, by Claire Voyant, is laced with orchestral underpinnings and soothing synth arrangements, which consequently designates the path that the following artists follow. Some of the other notable, atmosphere-geared talent includes the acoustic-driven Human Drama, the plodding electronic antics of Chainsuck, and the Eastern-influenced offering by Rhea’s Obsession. Conversely, two contributors (G.L.O.D. and MNPLTR) venture into more industrial-oriented pastures. Because most of the songs are driven by heavenly female voices and waves of lush instrumentation, the Cocteau Twins contingent should take note… they won’t be disappointed.
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