Out of Sight – Review

Out of Sight

by Chris Adam

As far as soundtrack albums go, Pulp Fiction has a lot to answer for. Since then, the market’s been flooded with albums that have a smattering of songs squeezed in between a buncha soundbites from the film in question. What the fuck are ya supposed to do with albums like this? Put them in and mentally replay the glories of the film? I mean, if it’s that great a flick, why not just wait until it’s available on video and buy that? I suppose if you’re the kinda person who likes to make mixed tapes with a lotta left field, quirky shit thrown onto ’em, some soundtrack soundbites can be used to interesting or entertaining effect. But beyond that, what market does this kinda thrown-together rip-off appeal to? Granted, Out of Sight has a fairly obvious Dean Martin song on it, which is as smooth as a dry vodka martini, but, if ya dig Dino, why not spend the bucks on one of his albums? There are plenty available these days, what with the whole retro/lounge/”Swinger” subculture still happening. So, unless the idea of George Clooney’s dulcet tones reciting suave gangster dialogue gets you all hot and bothered, I suggest you avoid this cheap attempt at commercial cash-in. Better tag it and hustle back to the ER, George – this one’s DOA.