Punk… It’s all about the Orchis Factor – Review

Punk… It’s All About the Orchis Factor

(Suburban Home)
by Scott Hefflon

Twenty-six punk songs for only $6 postpaid. And if you like any of the bands here, their addresses are inside. While that might not be the most positive opening, it’s kinda how this CD makes me feel. Many of the bands, in general, I like, and already have releases by. Many others I don’t know and could do without ever hearing again. It’s not (necessarily) that they’re bad, they’re simply not worth much. And much of this CD sounds like a fourth-generation tape. While I’m all for idea-first, all else second, that’s a trap too many punk bands fall into. Flubbed notes and shitty production aren’t an aesthetic anymore (not when the music’s fuckin’ simple as shit to begin with, and you can get CD-worthy production for a couple hundred bucks), they’re a sign of disregard for quality. If you wanna slack off, why ask anyone else to care about you? Sure, I discovered a few bands I’m looking forward to hearing more from, but this CD is not flattering in most cases. Bands: Smartbomb, Overlap, S.T.U.B., Supergirls, Discount, Fairlanes, McRackins, Mulligan Stu, Against All Authority, Digger, Pinhead Circus, Homeless Wonders, Tiltwheel, Automatics, Sinkhole, Facet, Blink-182, Eyeliners, Gob, Crestfallen, Falling Sickness, Oblivion, Four, Welt, Rhythm Collision, and Nobodys. Oh hell, you might as well get it. It’s only $6.

(1759 30th St. #365 Boulder, CO 80301)