Discordance Axis – Our Last Day – Review

discordanceaxis200Discordance Axis

Our Last Day (Hydra Head)
by Scott Hefflon

Cool concept, even if I find this as listenable as playing with the speeds on a blender. Discordance Axis was a grind band, they broke up, this CD has their last two unreleased songs and a bunch of their songs covered by bands like Melt Banana and Merzbow. I’ve always thought of this style of grind as “that part of the Cradle of Filth sound that rampages and screeches, then moves on” without the moving on part. Sure, the stuff is twisted, the kinda stuff you develop a taste for after years of listening to noise and black metal, but there’s a lot of art-damaged random clusterfuck in here that people like to call art, and like a lot of art, it’s just a wank people pretend they like to seem smart.