Telconned – We Want the Airwaves – Review


We Want the Airwaves Volume 1 (No Alternative)
by Scott Hefflon

I’m unsure if this is a benefit or just a damn good CD with a good idea behind it. From the subtitle, you can make the educated guess that this is in response to the deregulation of radio which allowed rich conglomerates to buy up a frightening amount of the media source called radio, and now they have control over the almost constant bombardment of music, news, and advertisements that radio offers. It’s enough to put sci-fi writers and conspiracy theorists out of work, cuz the implications run deep, and even if you don’t realize how they’re affecting your decisions, they do. Not that it’ll change the world, but ya oughtta check out this disc for all the cool unreleased or live tracks by some damn good bands. And there’s some thoughtful info inside. Tracks include Soul Coughing “Lazy Bones,” Thrush Hermit “Songs for the Gang,” Matt Wilson “Blue Elektra,” Kristin Hersh “Shake,” Triplefastaction “Underwear,” His Name is Alive “Jump in the Bay,” Dead Hot Workshop “Feel,” Ani DiFranco “32 Flavors,” Firewater “I Still Love You, Judas,” Nicole Blackman with Scanner “What I Want for Christmas,” Low “Blue Eyed Devil,” Ben Folds Five “Theme from Dr. Pyser,Magnatone“Made for Trouble,” Walt Mink “Erasable You,” The Lemon Merchants “I’ll Be Famous,” and Dylan Hicks “Crybaby Crusade.”
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