The Mother of All Tribute Albums – Review

The Mother of all Tribute Albums

by Scott Hefflon

This one took me a while. I mean, what’s the thread of continuity between a hard rock band covering King’s X (and why, oh God, why?!), a guy with a guitar and drum machine covering U2, Rush, The Beatles, The Police, a bad death metal band and a Richard Marx-goes-bar-rock band covering Stryper (oh lord, why?), and various other people you’ve never heard of covering songs you’ve never heard of by bands you’ve never heard of? Whataminute… Stryper. Songs called “Hold Me Jesus,” “God is Bigger,” and “Jesus Freak.” Oh, I get it. The thread is God Talk. Yes, the lord moves in mysterious ways, in varied circles, and speaks in many local dialects. Make a joyous noise unto the lord, then sell the CD, huh?
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