Three Finger Cowboy – Kissed – Review

Three Finger Cowboy

Kissed (Daemon)
by Jamie Kiffel

Here we’ve got some monster wheel hubs, the Hooters girls in halfsize riding gear and cowboy boots, several hundred yards of jumper cable and the sweetest fuschia Harley Davidsons you’ve ever seen. Yes, this is the place to meet your favorite WWF wrestlers over by the Fry-Doe tent, next to the chili cheesedog wagon where you can also hear Three-Finger Cowboy hootin’ out some hefty tunes to make that Bud Ice taste just that much icier. Their sweet girl-singer Katherine McElroy can belt ’em out to the rough ‘n’ reliable rhythm of a triple-chord guitar, and you can bet she sounds as fresh and feisty as a Texas cheerleader rootin’ for her home team.

She has a lot to say about kissing boys out in the parking lot, and don’t mind us if we’re happy to hear about it. No, Three-Finger Cowboy hasn’t got a lot to say about too much that’s serious in the world, but when it comes to pickin’ tunes to test-drive Big Bertha to while you’ve got a juicy ‘wurst in your fist, there ain’t nothin’ more hoof-stampin’ by which to do it.
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