Whippersnapper – America’s Favorite Pasttime – Review


America’s Favorite Pasttime (Lobster)
by Scott Hefflon

Peachtree City, Georgia ain’t a punk rock hotbed, as far as I know, but Whippersnapper have their chops down tight. Fast and furious, melodic and kinda sensitive, with nice hooks, clear vocals, rampaging drums, layered harmonies, and practically every characteristic of the nameless, faceless, yet extremely enjoyable hordes of melodic punk bands vying for your attention and money. Whippersnapper combines a lot of rock guitar and complex drum fills (complex for punk, I mean) and there’re elements of prog (meaning they can really play), and this is only their debut! This is a band to watch.
(PO Box 1473 Santa Barbara, CA 93102)