Spazboy – Twilight Area – Review


Twilight Area (Immune)
by Scott Hefflon

Add another name to the long list of pleasantly punky bands who write songs about what losers they are and how everyone’s a jerk. Spazboy write short and singable songs varying from a minute and a half to three minutes, usually with that verse/chorus/verse thing. Covers of the Ramones “I Wanna Be Sedated” (Sha Na Na-ed, no less, it’s about time!) and Neil Diamond’s “Cherry Cherry” are obvious highlights, but originals like “The Bootie Song” (with its chorus of “Bootie, bootie, bootie everywhere, bootie, bootie, bootie, bootie…”), “Kiss Me Kate” (“fourteen gets you twenty,” you know what this is about), and a line or two in “Stupid Songs for Stupid Girls” (they quote M with “Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout, Pop Muzik!”) make this record worthwhile.