The Huntington Cads – Introducing the New Sound – Review

The Huntington Cads

Introducing the New Sound (Mai Tai)
by Scott Hefflon

While it’s difficult for me to review instrumental surf/samba/spy/etc., perhaps I can get it off my chest that, for all practical purposes, the casual fan really needs know only two bands: The Huntington Cads and The Bomboras. Most have probably heard of The Bomboras due to their signing to the high-profile Zombie A Go-Go Records, head-cheesed by none other than Rob Zombie, and funded by Geffen/DGC/Dreamworks. Legend (or, at least, the Cads’ bio) has it that both bands were originally one – the seminal surf band, The Finks. When they split, The Bomboras went for in-your-face antics while The Huntington Cads went for subtlety. While Introducing the New Sound still has wisps of surf beat and spies-like-us giddiness, there is a wonderful weepy quality, filled with romance and sadness. Introspective and thoughtful like watching the world through a rain-spattered window, certain songs creep into your bloodstream like sipped wine. That’s not to say it’s a slow, boring album, but if Sunday Morning Jazz plays in the next room as you sip the gourmet coffee you save for rare mornings, wondering why you let the rat race get to you so much, well, this album is for you. It has the same magic.
(16331 Gothard St. Suite D Huntington Beach, CA 92647)