Bride of Chucky – Review

Bride of Chucky

by Scott Hefflon

Fourteen tracks of heavy horror music. Most of the songs here are from ’98, and those that aren’t, well, you can see why. Without having seen the movie (and having absolutely no intention to), this soundtrack is swell as a compilation of cool, kinda heavy music. Nothing to write home about, mind you, but there’ve certainly been worse. Opening Bride of Chucky is Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies. But then it gets better. Next up is “Thunder Kiss ’65” by White Zombie. Off ’92’s La Sexorcisto…, if you don’t already own this song on at least two or three CDs and mixed tapes, here it is again. Following that is “Blister” by Coal Chamber, which doesn’t appear in the film, but is a scary, Korny song nonetheless. Monster Magnet contribute “See You In Hell,” not one of my favorites off Powertrip – one of my favorite albums of 1998 – but a cool song. Monster Magnet is a band you have to hear song after song to really appreciate. Buy their album. Next up is “Blood Stained” by Judas Priest. The new Priest, I might add. While it’s a good song, it tries too hard, if you know what I mean. Godz does need to try, they just rule, OK? “Love You to Death” by Type O Negative is a great title and probably the best song off October Rust, but that ain’t saying a helluva lot. Nothing can touch Bloody Kisses – dark, sensual, and perhaps the best CD in recent years to slit your wrist and fuck until you die to. Following is “Human Disease” by Slayer which, again, doesn’t appear in the flick, and is a prime example of “new Slayer.” While they went urban stomp (think Helmet, Biohazard, and all the come-lately early-to-mid-’90s metal they helped inspire. This reminds me of when Paul McCartney did a grunge rock album, if you know what I mean), it’s still Slayer, and therefore it fuckin’ rocks. Stabbing Westward contributes a short track called “So Wrong,” but I find it even shorter (not to mention less painful) to simply press the “skip track” button. Following is “Son of X51” by Powerman 5000 (or PM5K if you wanna impress the easily impressible). With a Korny intro and one of the more interesting back-up bands, “Spider” and the former Boston bad boys provide some pretty interesting music. Hell, they’re almost as cool as they think they are. “Trumpets of Jericho” by Bruce Dickinson (former vocalist of Iron Maiden, in case y’all need to brush up a bit) shows a powermetal powerhouse keeping up with the crunching times without losing sight of his barrel-chested warble and the beauty of a bit of fretboard epilepsy. Surprisingly heavy and powerful for a guy who fronted the metal version of Rush for so many years. Next up is “Bled for Days” by Static-X, the Warner Brothers-backed new metal band of the millennium. Then “Love for Sale” by Motörhead. Ever wonder what Lemmy would sound like covering an AC/DC song? Me neither, but “Love for Sale” is yer answer. The next track, “Crazy,” written by Willie Nelson, performed by kidneytheives, is exactly what heavy music has the potential of being – a huge-sounding production of someone else’s good song by yet another decent yet ultimately forgettable band. The final track is a montage of movie samples. Yippee.
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