This is Priceless – Review

This is Priceless

by Scott Hefflon

People do the stupidest things, and here are sites featuring submitted photos of people doing them. Most of the stunts involve getting drunk, girls lifting their shirts, or guys passing out and having their “friends” drawing and putting shaving cream on them (or rubbing their dicks on the guy’s face), but sometimes it’s “good clean fun,” like an escalator entrance to a fitness center, a photo of a guy who fell asleep with his face inches above the table, held up by the rim of his ballcap, or a cute kittie with its paws up and a gun pointed at it.

Plenty are funny, some are gross, most involve nudity (especially drunken nudity). Some take a while to understand, and some are just plain are stupid. But different sites have different amounts of free photos, and most have a members section where you can see thousands of archived photos. And as you might expect, the more free photos there are, the more porn banners there are and the more you have to go back and forth, trying to see some free stuff without getting sucked off the site and onto a porn site with a couple free photos and everything else links to the sign-up page. Sigh.

Priceless has more “clean” stuff you can send to your friends without looking like a perv, and they don’t all have the tiring formula of all the components of the evening that led up to the “Priceless!” shot (after five or ten images, yer pretty damn sick of it), but they don’t have a lot of free stuff, though they update daily. The Priceless Collection has 20 pages of thumbnails (25 images per page), and is a bit of a bitch to navigate, but there’s some funny stuff here (most of which involves people passing out naked). This is Priceless is pretty openly porn-based, with the frameset offering links to Bang Bus, Flash Mountain, Mike’s Apartment, and all the usual MILF and Cum on Her Face sites. It has 15 pages of thumbnails with 16 images each. Most involve girls shoving tampons up their noses or leaning into their car without wearing panties, but there’s a cool shot of a dog with a super-long tongue, a car flipped over right next to a sign that says “pass with care,” and that kinda stuff.