Lynard’s Innards – You’re Wreckin’ Me – Review

Lynard’s Innards

You’re Wreckin’ Me (Johann’s Face)
by Scott Hefflon

Fast and furious punkpop that ain’t like McDonald’s burgers – the same everywhere you go, as commonplace as No Right on Red signs, tasty yet not especially filling (even if you add the condiments that look only vaguely like what they claim to be) with lots of bun and very little meat. Lynard’s Innards is a name you hear once and remember. Unfortunately, you’ve probably never heard it since this is the band’s second full-length in 10 years. Ten songs in 22 minutes of frantic, occasionally emo-ish (that means they yell, I guess) melodic punk with kinda grimy production (always wondered what a pristine glossy finish had to do with punk) and plenty of simply tuneful songs. I’ve never picked up a “Chicago sound,” but this has a vibe as distinctive as, like, Minnesota rock, but more urban. The closer, The Cure’s “Jumping Someone Else’s Train,” is nicely subtle without being merely a note-for-note copy. While others leap about and try to impress, Lynard’s Innards just gets onstage and rocks your punk ass.
(PO Box 479164 Chicago, IL 60647)