The Jackie Papers – Uckfay Ooyay – Review

The Jackie Papers

Uckfay Ooyay (Stiff Pole)
by Scott Hefflon

No better and no worse (but much kinder on the eyes), The Jackie Papers are screaming punk rock, led by ex-Pink Lincoln Chris Barrows. Don’t write ’em off just cuz they’re cute, they can play about as well as any other young punk band. And Chris’ voice is the gritty snarl of great, barely-tuned, suburban punk bands gone by. If ya need more of a hint, they cover Screeching Weasel’s classic “Hey Suburbia.” And what makes it really great is they cover the “alternate” version found on Kill the Musicians (the one with the extended, “Shut up! We don’t give a shit about tomorrow” vocals). Another clue as to what kinda punk I’m jabbering about here is this platter of spite’n’spittle was gloriously under-mixed by Bill & Stephen at The Blasting Room (think early, fuzzy-sounding Descendents).
(PO Box 20721 St. Petersburg, FL 33742)