Coalesce – There is Nothing New Under the Sun – Review


There is Nothing New Under the Sun (Hydrahead)
by Tim Den

What a fun fuckin’ record. The Midwestern madmen of Coalesce covering songs by the almighty Led Zeppelin. If any other band did it (say, Kiss), the result could’ve been disastrous. However, the Kansas boys pull it off with just as much power and energy as the original recordings, fueling the songs with an injection of brutality that only adds to the existing pummeling. It’s amazing that a band can add another dimension to classically perfect tracks. My favorites include “Black Dog” (hearing the verses in hardcore screams is just great), “Whole Lotta Love” (Black Sabbath, anyone?), and “That’s the Way.” And even though the awkward back-ups by Get Up Kid Matt Pryor often interrupts the flow of the record, it doesn’t effect the motion of this canon. There’s Nothing New Under the Sun is an album full of energy, and should be loved by fans of both Coalesce and Led Zeppelin.
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